What you should pay attention to in an online bookmaker

If you want to place online bets on https://haqeqat.com/betting/casumo, you can upgrade your player account in advance with a betting bonus. Thus, you can secure a start-up capital of 200 $ with a deposit of 100 $. Does it sound fantastic? However, you should not close your eyes to the limitations of this advantage. Below we will show you what we pay attention to-in addition to the bonus amount - in comparison of bonuses in a bookmaker's office.

Payment methods

Have you already identified the best betting providers for 2021? Then you will definitely want to get a bonus there. But first, we recommend that you read the rules. Because sometimes you can find comments about payment service providers there. Thus, it is not uncommon for Neteller and Skrill to be disqualified for receiving a betting bonus. By the way, there is usually a record of the minimum amount of the first deposit, taking into account the bonus. Everyone likes to talk about the maximum height. But beginners may want to start with ten or 20 $. Of course, they can also be doubled, provided that the deposit size complies with the rules.

Terms of Sale

As for our sports guide, now we would like to talk about the state of the passage. There are different formulations that need to be understood here. On the one hand, this may mean that the bonus amount must be played eight times. If you pay 100 $ and get 200 $ to the account, you will have to put 800 $ before paying. If, on the other hand, the first deposit and a five-fold bonus are required, we are talking about 1000 $. In addition, there are providers that require a one-time deposit and a six-fold bonus implementation. In this case, we will receive 700 $ which must be placed in sports betting before the debit.

Minimum bid

If you have a bonus practically in your pocket, you don't want to be limited when choosing an online bookmaker. However, not everything is so simple. In order not to complicate the task for players, a quota bet from 1.60 to 2.10 is often required. But we consider this situation rather as an incentive. In any case, especially bets with higher quotes often have more value. Don't you have any experience working with tickets with a low quota yet? Maybe you will just get acquainted with our betting tips for today and tomorrow.

Time window

Whether the time limit is an obstacle depends on the game behavior and the bonus amount. Let's go back to our example with a transfer of 100$ and an account balance of 200 $. The eight-fold wagering of the bonus amount means that we have to place sports bets in the amount of 80$. Although some bookmakers allow 90 days, 30 days is more the rule. So if we bet 27 $ a day, we are safe. Since most events take place on weekends, it makes sense to divide the necessary sales by the number of weeks. With the operational planning of 200 $ per week, we are also doing well. If it is coming to an end, we have a recommendation for you: our online betting tips for today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Sports Betting

  • What is online betting?

Online betting is sports betting that you place online with an online betting provider. They are an analogue of offline bets in a bookmaker's office or a bookmaker's office. The online bookmaker is open 24 hours a day, offers you a sports betting bonus, and you can bet online 24/7.

Who is the best sports betting provider for online betting?

The best sports betting provider for online betting offers you the best odds, an extensive offer and a bonus for sports betting - just to name a few aspects that a betting provider should offer if they want to be among the best betting providers.

  • Where can I best bet online?

From a reputable online betting provider that belongs to the best betting providers in our comparison with betting providers. And at the same time, it supports your personal requirements, such as a certain sport or a sports betting application.

Are online betting legal in Germany?

Pre-match online bets and real-time bets are legal in Germany if they are placed with an officially licensed online bookmaker. Bookmakers with an EU license can also offer their services to customers from Germany.

  • Can I make money on online betting?

Earning money on online betting has become possible not only since the advent of betting communities. Those who know sports very well and know strategic bets can not only earn money with their bookmaker office. Now there are many successful players who live, for example, at the expense of their tips on betting on football!


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